Zeitschriften-Projekt im Englischunterricht der 7d

Berichte aus dem Schulleben

In the last few lessons our class, the 7d, made English teen magazines in groups of two. Our teacher gave us some examples for topics that we had to do. Every group created a magazine with more than six pages. We made it in school and at home, too.

We wrote about an interview, film and chart news, problem corners and horoscopes. Some groups also added a crossword puzzle, a picture story or an ad. All the groups needed to do a cover page and to find a name for the magazine.

It was much work, but we had a lot of fun! One pupil said: “I liked it because you can be creative but it was a lot of work.” Another pupil said: “It was a nice change from normal lessons.”


Written by Wiebke and Annika, 7d